Friday, September 11, 2009

Car Accidents Are Not Always Accidents

When we're involved in a car accident, quickly we tend to dismiss the fact that the accident wasn't an accident at all, but rather an act of irresponsibility and recklessness. When someone is driving 90 miles per hour, even if on the fast lane, and hits someone, should we call that an accident? I think not.

This is when having the law on your side pays off. I am not a sue-happy person, though what is right needs to be made known, as an example and warning for those who show little concerns for traffic laws.

In 2007 when my wife was hit by a motorcycle driver who was racing on FM 620, I didn't know anything about the law and in turn we got cheated by the insurance company. That was the last time too. Not only were they hesitating to pay her for the car that was totaled, but they offered us $600 for the settlement. Naive as I was, I readily accepted thinking that what had happened was an accident. I felt sorry for the fellow that is now left on a wheelchair, but the fact that he acted irresponsibly jeopardizing my pregnant wife's life was still a fact nonetheless.

Looking back in retrospect, we should have filed a law suite but it's too late now. The insurance company coaxed me to sign a waver shortly after the accident had happened...when we were still going back and fourth to doctor's visits to take care of her badly bruised knee and backlash injuries.

If you're involved in a car accident that was maybe not an accident, don't dismiss it for less than it really is. Look for your personal injury lawyer and find out about your rights.

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